On Rebirth

Better to bring forth rotten fruit
Than to present gilded thorns and thistles
For even a fetid yield may be bestowed to the soil
And nourish future saplings

A bad yield, once fallen; or unmasked and plucked
May give rise to new blossoms
To produce healthy sweets once more

In a nefarious tree, whole branches must be pruned
Cast into the Light, dead trunks are set ablaze
But from the ashes, new life may be fertilized

And good fruits will come again

The Sea of Life

To think is to brave the winds of indecision
To act is to sail against the tempest of temptation

Without the Light of purpose, darkness only grows
Which is not extinguishing, but empty

Where the storm is darkest, then
Marks the void to be filled

Avoid its gaze and be swept away by the whirlwind
Face the eye, and be met with divine calmness

Know Treasure

To follow a false path, preordained yet bygone
Treasure is waiting, stale, lying
To follow a map, bloodstained or withering
While what was once Highest may crumble

To carve channels, flowing blindly
Yet purposefully, perpetually 
Eroding what is, to reveal what Will Be
Adaptive, evolving

Never to be found
But always to be sought 

Two Stars

One may lead,
The straight and narrow path
Refined and polished to silver and gold
Yet in reflection, where is shine, but in

Seeking, the Divine Spark of curiosity
Grounded in nothing, present in everything
Emitting our most fundamental truths
Through our darkest shadows

Do not hold gently
Within that stable light


Woven into existence,
The eye of the beholder
Disruptive balance
Dissonant fitness

Alert, sensing
That we may fight, flight, fabricate, fancy
Or facilitate, and Find
It is the capacity

To collapse
To survive
To Transcend
With which we are sewn

Roll Over

Neck outstretched
Beneath the grey
Fragile life channels

Only mercy Will survive
Ascending the pack
Pinning, yet amassing numbers
A natural born, Shaped, leader

Fate beckons her Highest agent
Her loyal follower
Her next victim


Calm your spirit 
Touch the ground

Lift your shoulders
Ground your mind

Birds and passersby sing 
Senses grounded
Do not recognize

If inspiration flows
Is it meaningful, or misleading? 

Follow what is Higher
From Within, not above

Courageous Assumption

Does a feather shed not reflect its nestling?

Is ye flesh which hath been cast aside not part of thine own?

Thy world, most truly ascended, is but a mote in the Kingdom

Thy mote, most blindly ignored, likewise reflects unto you

That it is a beam upon which the pillars of faith are constructed, assured, Blessedly

The Holy Fool

He walks the desert path unknown
Praying for seconds
With a cherry on top

He plans for no plans
Merry making bitter sweet
Falling through the sands

Yet his aim is deep and True
Erosion has no authority
O’er the child at heart

He suffers no temptation
Only folly like the wind
But when he steps he leaps most high

And trusts the Guide Within

Along the Watchtower

One among many
Escaped from a path
Born into

She runs to act
To create
Without Seeking

The watchman is paralyzed
Blinded through inaction

From Above it is seen
The duteous descent
Up the tower of words absent Speech

In her eyes,
In his hands,
The Savior awaits

Love is Responsibility

Love is the commitment to becoming the best possible version of yourself; which seeks the best possible version of, and world for, those loved.

In Truth, and in Love of Being: the Highest Possible Aim,

Love Is For All.

The responsibility of love may be avoided because of its heaviest of weights, which calls to all; or more often, because its recipient is ill-deserving: a recipient who has not held up their end of the bargain.

Oft being thine own self, thy dead wood.

Is that not why love comes easiest, and with wisdom strongest, to those most meek?

Shoulder the responsibility of Love
and ye shall inherit the Earth.


A face of deceit
Deliberating, protective

A carefully designed curtain
Shielding the beams

Of the judgement without
And the Logos within

It falls through the Eye
And the Word

Igniting dead wood
Shedding falsehood

What remains is solid,
Redemptive, proper: You

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